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What do we believe about the Bible?

We believe that the bible is the Revelation of God.


We believe that in order for mankind to know God, God because He is invisible must reveal himself to us. In the Bible He has revealed to us who He is, what He expects, what He has provided for us, what the future holds, how to live in a God created world , how to be in fellowship with Him, and the list goes on. He has not hidden himself from us. His attributes are not for a select few people but rather being easy to understand they are available to all who wish to understand them. (Psalm 139)


We believe that the bible is inspired by God.


This means that the actual words of the bible were spoken by God to men who recorded what they were told to record. Although God spoke through men, they were not inspired.  Rather It was the words that they recorded that were inspired.

We believe that those inspired recorded words are without error. While they were being recorded, the Holy Spirit guided the writers to record exactly what was intended by God to be recorded. It was perfect and true (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:19-21). (Psalm 19:7, John 7:17).


We believe that the Bible is valuable for understanding what is necessary for living a life of fulfillment and purpose.


1. It is valuable for understanding Doctrine: This means that it contains everything we need to know about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, man, Satan, angels, the Church, the end times, origins and much more are found and explained in the bible.


2. It is valuable for reproof: It shows us where we did the wrong thing in ethical decision making.


3. It is valuable for correction: It shows us the correct decision we should have made.


4. It is valuable for Instruction in doing the right thing: That is it gives us ongoing instruction to make the right choices in the future.



“that the man of God might be complete, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

2 Timothy 3:16-17 NIV