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What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?

We believe that the Holy Spirit exists and is in the world having been sent by God to help and support believers.


The Holy Spirit was spoken of by Christ to his followers before he ascended into heaven. He promised that when He was gone he would send to Christians everywhere the Holy Spirit to help them in everything that they do. This means that when you become a Christian you are not alone but always have the Spirit to guide you and to watch over you. (John 16:7-8, 13-15, 26-27)


We believe that the Holy Spirit causes us to feel remorse when we sin and offers solutions to remove the remorse and replace it with joy.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is the one who causes a person to feel remorse for the sins that they have committed and prods them through instruction from the Bible to make a U- turn away from the triggers that cause them to sin.

Conversely, the Holy Spirit also prods them through the same instruction to adopt solutions to prevent them from returning to their previous way of living. The Holy spirit uses this rejection of sin and acceptance of solutions to draw them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and helps the new believer to experience the benefits of making Christ the center of their life (John 16:7-15).


We believe that the Holy Spirit specifically equips the believer to live in community with other believers.


At the moment a person becomes a follower of Christ, the Holy Spirit gives them a special trait called “a Spiritual Gift”. This gift is given for the purpose of making each individual an effective part of the whole body of believers everywhere (Romans 12).  In doing this He empowers them to use their spiritual gift to bring honor to God, bring unity to believers so that they remain close to one another and to cause them to mature in their faith. (Ephesians 4:11-12, Romans 8:9-17, 12:4-8, 1 Corinthians 12:4-5)


We believe the Holy Spirit helps the believer to grow strong in their faith

Growing strong in ones faith is a process that takes place over time. Growing strong is realized as the Holy Spirit guides a follower of Christ in their daily life, instructs them in new truth by helping them to understand the Bible and comforts the believer in times of need. (1Corinthians 2:14, 3:16, Galatians 5:25)