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What do we believe about Mankind?

We believe that man was created by God.


We believe that God created mankind both—male and female—in His own image and likeness, free from sin.  (Genesis 3:1-6)


We believe that the first man Adam sinned and passed on to all people a sin nature.


At the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden Satan deceived Eve the first woman into believing that what God had told her about sin was not true.  However when presented with the same opportunity Adam was not deceived but made a choice knowing that he was disobeying God. When he did this he passed on to all people after him a sinful nature. This meant that everyone at conception is conceived with a nature that is bent on doing the wrong thing. The result of this is that all people are separated from being in communion with God, and are condemned to both physical and spiritual death for eternity (Romans 3:10-19).  All human beings, therefore, are in need of someone to help them get back into communion with God and escape eternal punishment. Man cannot do this on his own but must have a relationship with Jesus Christ in order to regain the relationship they lost because of Adam( John 14:6) Romans 1:18, 32)


We believe that mankind is the Crowning Jewel of all of creation.


We believe that man was created by God, out of nothing. He was spoken into existence by God reflecting intelligent design and we reject any notion that man came into existence through present processes plus time plus chance i.e. uniformitarian or evolutionary theory.

We also believe that man as the center of God’s creation was given dominion over the creation in all of its forms both plant and animal for the purpose of sustaining the life of mankind and for honoring God through that creation ( Genesis 1-3).


We believe that a person’s life begins at conception and reject abortion of the unborn.


We believe that every person’s life begins at conception in the mother’s womb. We also believe a  person’s life was designed and planned by God even before their physical conception took place (Psalm 139:13-16). This means that God sees a person’s life as one of purpose and meaning.  

We reject any belief system, ideology or political platform that diminishes the value of human life by pre supposing that abortion is a woman’s choice out of necessity or convenience. We believe that abortion is murder and violates the sanctity of both Biblical and moral law that guarantees the protection of all of life from being murdered, especially the unborn (Exodus 20:13 Commandment 6).